Q. How is legislation brought into law?

A. Acts can make new laws or amend existing legislation. They can come into force on the date of Royal Assent, but often an act will have a commencement section that states an exact date that certain sections will become law. The commencement section may also state that sections will come into force “by regulation of the Lieutenant Governor in Council”. This means a regulation is required to fix the date that the Act or sections of the Act come into force. Regulations come into force when they are “deposited” or on a date specified in the regulation.

Q. Does legislation get amended frequently?

A. Yes! Newly introduced Acts will often result in consequential amendments to existing legislation. In fact, some Acts are introduced for the sole purpose of amending other Acts. While some legislation is passed while the house is sitting, legislation is continuously brought into force year round. Regulations are brought into force or are amended throughout the year. This is why it is so important to keep track of the ever-changing legislation.

Q. How often is the legislation on this site updated?

A. Daily. Quickscribe will make every effort to ensure amendments are posted shortly after they are brought into force.

Q. How does the search function work?

A. The search feature will search across all amendment postings dating back to January 2007. Results will be displayed on the main screen just to the left of the search box. If you are looking for more advanced search options, including the option to search across the text of the actual legislation, you may do so by subscribing to Quickscribe Online.

Q. Is it possible to be notified when new amendments are posted?

A. Not only is it possible to be notified of an amendment, but you may also select which legislation you want notification for. Follow this link to learn more about this free service.

Q. How can I view the actual text of the amended section?

A. Quickscribe clients are able to view the text for any amended section at any time. The section is also displayed in an easy-to-read, colour-coded layout distinguishing how the text reads now against how it read just prior to the change.